Spring, Bees and Lucy the Beekeeper

Spring, Bees and Lucy the Beekeeper Easy Beekeeping in Horizontal Hives. 1st Spring Inspection. Today we’ll talk about our Spring inspection and feeding the bees in case their honey stores are low but first, just a brief note What Natural Beekeeping IS and What it IS NOT.   Natural Beekeeping IS just Beekeeping WITHOUT ANY UNNATURAL chemical […]

A Beekeeper’s Secret

A Beekeeper’s Secret When I was 12, my grandmother and I happened to be guests of honor at a beekeepers house and I still remember the taste of their absolutely delicious honey.  The beekeeper told us a secret why that honey was really exceptional: she said it came from 2 hives that were intended for […]

Maine Wilderness Honey: Fall Honey Harvest

Fall Honey Harvest Maine Wilderness Honey – Bees never Fed Sugar The video shows harvesting honey in mid-October in Central Maine in 2022.  We only harvest surplus honey once per year, leaving enough of their own honey for the bees to survive through harsh New England winters. There are a couple of advantages of honey […]

Honey & Bee bread – Natural beekeeping vs Conventional industrial-style beekeeping

Honey and Bee Bread Natural Beekeeping vs Conventional Industrial-style Beekeeping In the video, I am reporting from our ForestBeehive apiary located in the woodlands of Central Maine next to a secluded forest lake and a 3,000 acre state-owned land – a wildlife sanctuary. By the way, beekeeping in the US is treated as farming by […]