A Beekeeper’s Secret

A Beekeeper’s Secret When I was 12, my grandmother and I happened to be guests of honor at a beekeepers house and I still remember the taste of their absolutely delicious honey.  The beekeeper told us a secret why that honey was really exceptional: she said it came from 2 hives that were intended for […]

Maine Wilderness Honey: Fall Honey Harvest

Fall Honey Harvest Maine Wilderness Honey – Bees never Fed Sugar In the above video, Boris the Bee Guy, a natural beekeeper, is harvesting honey in mid-October in Central Maine.  There are a couple of advantages of honey harvesting in late fall:• By late fall, we have a mature, ripened honey where the bees’ enzymes […]

Honey & Bee bread – Natural beekeeping vs Conventional industrial-style beekeeping

Honey and Bee Bread Natural Beekeeping vs Conventional Industrial-style Beekeeping In the video, I am reporting from our ForestBeehive apiary located in the woodlands of Central Maine next to a secluded forest lake and a 3,000 acre state-owned land – a wildlife sanctuary. By the way, beekeeping in the US is treated as farming by […]