Maine Wilderness Honey


This was NOT produced by conventional honey factory-style apiaries, so supplies are limited.

Maine Wilderness Honey — a rich, fragrant and yet delicately balanced golden amber honey with beautiful plum and apricot undertones along with savory herbal notes.

One unexpected post-tasting remark from a friend: “I don’t know about 40 virgins in Heaven, but if they don’t have honey like this one, I am not going!” 

PLEASE REFRIGERATE for long-term storage!
This honey is rich in pollen and has not been artificially dehydrated or filtered. As most truly natural honeys, if stored at room temperature beyond 3 months, it may start to ferment slightly.  Refrigeration prevents fermentation and preserves nutritive properties of pollen.



This raw, pressed honey came from our ForestBeehive apiary where our bees forage naturally in a remote woodland location far away from pesticide-sprayed crops.  We never use any human-engineered chemicals in our beehives, and never use conventional plastic foundation — our bees make the whole honeycomb naturally.

This honey was never heated, processed or micro-filtered. It contains high quantities of bee bread (fermented pollen), and its nutritive value is many times higher compared to  store-bought honey.

We only harvest a small amount of surplus honey – less than 15 lb per colony as we leave for our bees sufficient honey reserves to last them through winter.

In conventional beekeeping an average harvest is above 100lb per colony. There are 2 main reasons for high conventional honey production :

1. Their beehives are often located right next to agricultural crops that are heavily pesticide-sprayed. High honey yields come with high doses of pesticide residue in honey

2. Conventional beekeepers feed sugar to their bees and substitute most of their bees’ honey with sugar. Such sugar-foraged honey  results in high yield and low quality