Honey Factories vs Benevolent Beekeeping & Natural Foraging

ForestBeehive apiary in Central Maine is right next to a 3,000 acre wildlife protection area and our honeybees have plenty of natural, pesticide-free all-year foraging from trees (maples, willows, alders, etc.) and many different wildflowers — from Springtime dandelions to asters and goldenrods in the Fall. 

Many conventional apiaries rely on mono-floral agricultural honey flows and harvest several times a year while frequently artificially boosting their honey yield with supplemental sugar feedings. 

Our honey is multi-floral and exclusively naturally foraged. We practice good old time Benevolent Beekeeping, never stressing the bees to overproduce with supplemental sugar feedings and never exchanging their own honey for sugar or sugar syrup. 

Our local bee colonies are never subjected to any treatments with human-engineered chemicals or any acids or oils. We only harvest surplus honey in the Fall and leave sufficient amount of honey for the bees to overwinter. 

Fall-harvested honey has fully matured as the bees’ enzymes had enough time to work their wonderful magic…