Bees, Christmas and Gifts of Nature. Moving Beehives.

It’s below freezing and the first layer of ice started to form along the shores of our secluded forest lake.

Our beehives are winter-ready. Raw wool insulation is both inside the double-walls and directly around the bee nest.

I harvest once a year in the Fall and my bees keep most of their own honey, enough to last them through Winter & early Spring.  

I only harvest surplus honey and it’s a beautiful gift of nature.

And these hives do look a bit like Christmas gift boxes – they are the gifts that keep on giving!

It’s better for the bees’ health to keep the hives far apart – it reduces sharing of pathogens.  Here we moved a beehive to a new location about 200 yards away.

After a cold spell, on a warmer day, the temperature edged above 50 (10C) – and the bees were flying!

For the relocated hive,  I lightly covered its entrance with branches which made the bees do an extra orientation flight re-adjusting to the new coordinates of their home.