USDA Pure Russian Bees

Russian Bees are Coming! The beautiful new peaked roof Layens beehive is from Paul Maida, a fellow treatment-free beekeeper from neighboring New Hampshire. The hive’s detachable peaked-roof opens and closes smoothly and is a joy to work with.   Unfortunately, several of my bee colonies with Italian genetics did not survive this past winter in […]

Bees in Winter: Are They Dead or Alive?!

Honey bees in Winter: Dead or Alive?! In the middle of cold and snowy winter, how would a beekeeper know if the bee colonies are alive and well inside the beehives? It would be wrong to open the top lid and take a peek – it’s too cold and it could kill a healthy bee […]

Bees, Christmas and Gifts of Nature

Bees, Christmas and Gifts of Nature. Moving Beehives. It’s below freezing and the first layer of ice started to form along the shores of our secluded forest lake. Our beehives are winter-ready. Raw wool insulation is both inside the double-walls and directly around the bee nest. I harvest once a year in the Fall and […]

2023 Fall Honey Harvest — Maine Wilderness Honey

2023 Fall Harvest – Maine Wilderness Honey In the Fall, the hunting season in Maine is in full swing and in the video my dog is wearing a reflective orange vest, so that the hunters don’t accidentally shoot at him. The Fall is also a perfect season to harvest honey while simultaneously prepping the beehives […]

Honey Factories vs Benevolent Beekeeping & Natural Foraging

Honey Factories vs Benevolent Beekeeping & Natural Foraging ForestBeehive apiary in Central Maine is right next to a 3,000 acre wildlife protection area and our honeybees have plenty of natural, pesticide-free all-year foraging from trees (maples, willows, alders, etc.) and many different wildflowers — from Springtime dandelions to asters and goldenrods in the Fall.  Many […]