Pandemic in managed bee colonies. Honey factories & what’s in the honey.

Pandemic in managed bee colonies and honey factories Honeybee pandemic, honey factories, what’s in the honey? Typical conventional high honey-yield apiaries are mostly located on the edge of conventional farm fields where the bees would forage and where the crops are grown with the help of the following human-engineered argo-chemicals: Herbicides (to kill weeds), Insecticides […]

Can Honey Comply with Vegan Ethical Principles?!

Can Honey Comply with Vegan Ethical Principles?! Can Honey Comply with Vegan Ethical Principles?! Can real honey be produced in compliance with vegan ethical principles? Although a lot fruits and vegetables are produced largely with the aid of the honeybees, the world’s most versatile pollinators, in vegan community beekeeping is sometimes characterized as 1. Exploiting […]

Working with Horizontal Layens Hives

Working with Horizontal Layens Hives Feral Hive in a Natural Tree Hollow Layens horizontal hives were designed to imitate how the feral bee colonies live in natural tree hollows. Layens horizontal hives with deep 16″ frames have been in continuous use since the 19th century, as they are easy to manage with minimal disturbances to […]

Raising Good Bees in Horizontal Hives. Swarm Traps, Queens & VSH Genetics

Raising Good Bees in Horizontal Hives At ForestBeehive apiary we are miles away from industrial & agricultural pollution, we have sufficient Spring-to-Fall foraging resources for our bees and we don’t use any supplemental sugar feedings. We also don’t use any human engineered chemical treatments or even organic pest control substances in and around our beehives.  […]

Splits or Artificial Swarms for Horizontal Beehives

Splits or Artificial Swarms for Horizontal Beehives Splits are also called ‘artificial swarms’. Artificial swarming does what the honeybees are trying to do naturally: to prevent overcrowding by swarming i.e. self-splitting the colony so that they can establish an additional new colony elsewhere and be fruitful and multiply.   Swarming Honeybees With uncontrolled natural swarming, only […]

Vertical Beehives and The Lord of the Rings

Vertical Beehives and The Lord of the Rings OR How Horizontal Beehives Minimize Disturbing the Honeybees This is the 2nd part of the series. The 1st part is here: Vertical Beehives and a Crazy Landlord In Summer we gradually fully fill our horizontal hives with frames – up to 20 frames as the bee colonies […]

Horizontal Hives

Bee-friendly beekeeping – putting the bees first! Insulated Horizontal Hives give our honeybees the best chances to survive harsh Maine winters! We use insulated horizontal stationary Layens-style hives. The extra thick walls of our stationary long, deep horizontal Layens hives are insulated with 1.5” of natural wool providing 6 times the insulation value (R6) of […]

Happy Busy Bees in Horizontal Layens Hive after transfer

HAPPY BUSY BEES IN LAYENS HIVE AFTER TRANSFER FROM A 5-FRAME NUC BOX Bees were transferred to Layens hive May 1, 2022 from a 5-frame nuc box ( see HERE ) from a 5-frame nuc box.  bees are now busily bringing yellow pollen and raising brood. By pollen color and what’s growing around, my best […]

Expanding the apiary

Expanding the apiary Why would the honeybees confuse their hive entrance with that of another hive?This video shows how we have caused a lot of confusion for the bees after we moved our 1st hive 2.5 feet to the right and then added the second hive on the left way too early.In the video, some […]