Splits or Artificial Swarms for Horizontal Beehives

Splits or Artificial Swarms for Horizontal Beehives Splits are also called ‘artificial swarms’. Artificial swarming does what the honeybees are trying to do naturally: to prevent overcrowding by swarming i.e. self-splitting the colony so that they can establish an additional new colony elsewhere and be fruitful and multiply.   Swarming Honeybees With uncontrolled natural swarming, only […]

About Us

ForestBeehive Team Bee-Friendly Beekeeping – Putting the Bees First About Us There are fewer and fewer unpolluted lands in the US that are far removed from agricultural and industrial pollution where the bees can freely forage in pristine forests and meadows uncontaminated with pesticides or herbicides. ForestBeehive natural beekeeping apiary was inspired by this beautiful […]

Happy Busy Bees in Horizontal Layens Hive after transfer

HAPPY BUSY BEES IN LAYENS HIVE AFTER TRANSFER FROM A 5-FRAME NUC BOX Bees were transferred to Layens hive May 1, 2022 from a 5-frame nuc box ( see HERE ) from a 5-frame nuc box.  bees are now busily bringing yellow pollen and raising brood. By pollen color and what’s growing around, my best […]