Expanding the apiary

Expanding the apiary Why would the honeybees confuse their hive entrance with that of another hive?This video shows how we have caused a lot of confusion for the bees after we moved our 1st hive 2.5 feet to the right and then added the second hive on the left way too early.In the video, some […]

Clean Natural Habitat – the most important factor for natural beekeeping

What’s Most Important for Natural Beekeeping In his seminal book “Keeping Bees with a Smile”, its author Lazutin lists 3 main ingredients for successful beekeeping, listed in order of their importance:(1) Nectar & pollen resources(2) Using locally adapted bees(3) The design of the hive and beekeeping system Despite the fact that there’s much debate among bee […]

Three Pillars of Natural Beekeeping

Three Pillars of Natural Beekeeping There are some self-declared purists of natural beekeeping who claim that the only way to practice natural beekeeping is to keep the bees in real tree logs rather than in man-made beehives. There are also a few of conventional beekeepers who deride the very term “Natural Beekeeping” as oxymoron. Those […]