Honeybee Sanctuary or Why Honeybees’ Lifespans are now 50% shorter than in 1970s

Forest Beehive Apiary – a Honeybee Sanctuary  Natural and Regenerative Beekeeping Forest Beehive apiary is located on the left side of this secluded forest lake. On the right side of the lake there’s a state owned land – a 3,000 acre wildlife sanctuary.  ForestBeehive apiary on the left side of the lake is a veritable […]

Starting ForestBeehive Apiary

Starting ForestBeehive Apiary. Transfer from a conventional nuc to a horizontal Layens hive. May, 2022.  Setting up ForestBeehive natural beekeeping apiary in Central Maine on May 1st 2022. The original idea was to use only local wild survivor bees but with colder Spring season none of the swarm traps caught any swarms yet. Instead of using […]

Honeybees and airplanes?!

Honeybees and airplanes? Like the airplanes in the world’s busiest airports, the forager bees are flying in and out delivering to their hive airports mostly nectar and pollen and sometimes water and propolis.The foragers fly out with the speed of 15-20 mph and return with their heavy loads (carrying up to half of their own […]

Expanding the apiary

Expanding the apiary Why would the honeybees confuse their hive entrance with that of another hive?This video shows how we have caused a lot of confusion for the bees after we moved our 1st hive 2.5 feet to the right and then added the second hive on the left way too early.In the video, some […]

Bees, Trees and Music

Bees, Trees and Music Did you know that when the worker honeybees are not disturbed, they are buzzing with the sound close to a B natural next to piano’s middle C ?The frequency is: 247 vibrations per second.When the worker honeybees are agitated, they raise their buzzing frequency closer to a middle C (also known […]

Treating Bees Like Royalty

Treating Bees Like Royalty Dec 15, 2022  In this video we show how we treat our bees like royalty both in summertime & wintertime.  Our horizontal hives are build like castles with their insulated double walls and metal roofs.  In summertime horizontal hives give plenty of space to the bees and can be managed with […]

Honey & Bee bread – Natural beekeeping vs Conventional industrial-style beekeeping

Honey and Bee Bread Natural Beekeeping vs Conventional Industrial-style Beekeeping In the video, I am reporting from our ForestBeehive apiary located in the woodlands of Central Maine next to a secluded forest lake and a 3,000 acre state-owned land – a wildlife sanctuary. By the way, beekeeping in the US is treated as farming by […]