Pandemic-inspired Beekeeping

Pandemic-inspired Beekeeping Beekeeping styles differ greatly. Paul Sheppard, an admin of Facebook’s Natural and Regenerative Beekeeping group with well over 2K members observed that different beekeeping styles exist between 2 extremes: Wild bees/feral colonies are on one end of the pendulum swing and conventional commercial-style beekeeping is on the opposite end.  Video shows a slightly […]

Honey & Bee bread – Natural beekeeping vs Conventional industrial-style beekeeping

Honey and Bee Bread Natural Beekeeping vs Conventional Industrial-style Beekeeping In the video, I am reporting from our ForestBeehive apiary located in the woodlands of Central Maine next to a secluded forest lake and a 3,000 acre state-owned land – a wildlife sanctuary. By the way, beekeeping in the US is treated as farming by […]